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I'm Jane Ippo and this is my art blog. Here, I mostly draw fanart for Supernatural and Adventure Time, but you can find lots of doodles as well. I use SAI for most of my drawings and occasionally Photoshop. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in my askbox.Requests: OPEN!

i’ve thought a lot about what to caption this

and its not much of anything to anyone else

but there is nothing i could possibly write in this caption that could possibly explain how much im going to miss you

Don’t quit the swim club!

This is so sloppy and I don’t even care, I literally drew it in like 40 minutes lmao

contrary to popular belief, I do actually still keep up with adventure time. I was having some artblock so I drew Fionna

contrary to popular belief, I do actually still keep up with adventure time. I was having some artblock so I drew Fionna

I miss meg :’c

I miss meg :’c

quick self portrait warp-up doodle

i’ve been practicing male anatomy all week and i think it’s finally starting to pay off a little

makoharu doodle with sloppy color \(ouo)/

Rei-chan! Don’t go!

i’m a masochist \(⊙‿⊙✿)/

Rei-chan! Don’t go!

i’m a masochist \(✿)/

I keep seeing spoilers for episode 3 ;n;

I keep seeing spoilers for episode 3 ;n;

Name: Sophie
Species: Starchild
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female

Abilities: Sunshine encompasses her body. She cannot be killed by physical attacks, but she can be weakened by them. She can only be killed by aging into a star (and eventually dying in billions of years) or becoming a black hole.
Status: Upper class, one of the highest. She will one day turn into a star and be worshipped as a god.
Personality: Sweet, but often has her head stuck up in the clouds.Very whimsical and at times innocent. Has a good sense of humor. Very trusting of other people. Ditsy, but graceful and brave.
Strengths: Patient, calm, kind, brave, starchild abilities, trusting
Weaknesses: Overly trusting, stubborn, oblivious, not very understanding, emotional
Likes: People, sweets, smell of laundry detergent, cute things, daylight, stars, yellow
Dislikes: Shoes, mean people, dirty places and things, greasy/salty food

Story: Sophie is a young starchild girl born from a nearby star. Raised in a beautiful mansion by the government, Sophie is very religious and faithful to the stars and President Taylor. She finds herself lonely, however, never having had a family or much of a life outside her religion. One day at school she meets a boy named Jason who is also a starchild like herself. She takes immediate interest in him, following him around and asking him questions about his life. He doesn’t like her at first, but eventually caves in. She soon falls in love with him and the two begin dating. One night, Sophie is nearly attacked outside her house by monsters made from television static. She requests a knight to protect her and Jason. She is soon given a cloudling named Lola and her assistant Dyna. The four of them become good friends and hang out often. One night, Sophieis attacked by eletric monsters. Lola tells her to run for cover while she fights them off. Sophie runs to the nearest temple and sees a boy eating the starmites from their urn. She recognizes the boy as Jason and, too devoutto her religion, rejects him. She tells Lola about Jason and doesn’t see him for several days. Sophie misses him greatly, wondering if she had made the right decision until one night, he sneaks into her room. Weak and dying, he tells her he stopped eating the stars for her. Realizing that he’s infected with the Storm, Sophie desperately tries to save his life, but he dies in her arms. Heartbroken and alone, the Storm takes over Sophie herself. Brother Death comes from the shadows and leads Sophie into her own demise. The Storm consumes her and shes turns into a black hole.

Name: Jason
Species: Human
Age: 17
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Male

Abilities: Nothing special. Has a strong stomach and a gift for mechanics.
Status: Actually exists in 3 classes: As a human, he is middle class (the normal inhabitants), but because he eats stars and glows and people think he is a starchild, he is upper class. However, because eating stars is a criminal offense and highly illegal, he is also a criminal and in the lowest class (debris class).
Personality: Laid back and kinda rough.Offended easily and distrusts most people. Has good intentions and a love for justice and equality. Brave, but selfish and stubborn. Likes to act a lot tougher than he really is and has a soft spot for gentle people.
Strengths: Brave, caring, resourceful, fast, tricky, smart
Weaknesses: Selfish, stubborn, sensitive, unaware of himself, greedy
Likes: Loud music, anarchy, motorcycles, cats, power, helping people, blue
Dislikes: Government, the class system, suns and stars, people in power, suits, seafood

Story: Jason is a human boy born into a loving family. At the age of 10, a nearby star explodes and sends starmites flying through the atmosphere. His parents are killed and he watches as the starmites fly through his older sister, Charlotte, and kill her. Orphaned and alone, Jason goes to President Taylor for help to find his parents and sister whom have all been reborn as starlings. However he is told that there would be no way of finding them (do to losing their memory and spawning at random areas) and that even if they were found, they would be in such a low class that it wouldn’t matter anyway. Infuriated by this, Jason blames the stars and the government’s terrible class system and decides to enact his revange. Since stars are considered gods and worshipped by people, when they die their starmites are collected and put in a sacred memorial to be mourned. Jason breaks in and eats the starmites asa sign of disrepect. 7 years pass and Jason is now recognized as a rogue starchild. One day he meets a girl named Sophie, a starchild in his class. Starchildren are rare, so Sophie immediately takes an interest in Jason, clinging to him everywhere he goes. He despises her at first, but soon falls for her kindness and gentle nature. They eventually fall in love and start dating. While dating, Sophie is assigned protection by a cloudling knight named Lola and her assistant, Dyna. They all become good friends and spend a lot of time together. Jason keeps his star-eating a secret because since starchildren will one day become stars themselves, he doesn’t want the very religious Sophie to find out about his crime. While out getting stars, Sophie comes bursting into the temple, looking forprotection from the electric monsters. She catches Jason eating the stars and, heartbroken, tells him she never wants to see him again. Jason is also heartbroken by her rejection, having fallen in love with her more than he realized. He decides to stop eating the stars for her, but his body can no longer live without them. He becomes overtaken by a disease called the Storm and goes into hiding while government forces search to arrest him. One night, he manages to sneak into Sophie’s mansion and apologize to her, begging her forgiveness. Sophie sees he is dying from the Storm and quickly forgives him. She urges him to eat stars again to avoid dying, but he refuses. He dies in her arms in her bedroom.

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